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First Steps to Fit & Fearless
"Discover 17 Non-Restrictive Lifestyle Habits 
That Fit Into Any Busy Schedule to Help You Gain More Energy, 
Feel Empowered To Stick With a Healthy Routine 
and Love The Woman In The Mirror"
Do you find it hard to stick with a program you start?
Do you find some fitness programs too restrictive? 
Ever feel it’s impossible to be fit and have a social life?
Are you often in a motivation rut, trying to find more confidence and be less self-critical?

You aren’t alone and the struggle is real for everyone.
When I was just starting out as a young fitness trainer, I had no idea how to help my clients overcome these struggles. 

We would train hard every week but their bodies weren’t changing. 

Have you ever felt like “what’s the point, should I just give up”?

You might be as confused and frustrated as we were but we didn’t give up and you shouldn’t either.
There are 2 things that will change your fitness and guarantee you long-term success toward your goals. 
  •  1. A daily routine of healthy habits
  • 2. Simple healthy habits practiced over time
Before you jump into another fitness program 
or restrictive diet to lose those last 10 pounds 
and fit back into those skinny jeans….

Ask Yourself:
What healthy habits do I practice daily?
How long have I been practicing these habits?

If you don’t have a routine of daily healthy habits, then you’re missing the backbone of a healthy lifestyle. 
  • What happens when you miss a workout or 3?
  • You indulge in a day of pizza and cake?
  • You went on vacation and drank like a fish?
  • How do you get your healthy lifestyle back?
In my “First Steps to Fit and Fearless” Planner I share the simple daily habits that give me the backbone of my strength, energy and confidence every single day.

It’s what holds me up, every time I fall off track.
Most of us assume we aren’t losing weight and getting stronger because we aren’t working hard enough or eating clean enough.

Maybe so…

But most of the time that’s not the case at all! 

Most of us are simply lacking a daily routine that makes us feel our best everyday.

Living a Sexy Confident Lifestyle is more than just a workout and healthy meal plan.
The Planner Includes: 
 17 Daily habits will help you stay CONSISTENT and avoid the “all or nothing mentality”
  • Feel proud of the woman looking back in the mirror. 
  • Feel confident in your ability to achieve a healthier and happier life.  
  • Build the backbone of a Sexy Confident Life so you can reach your biggest goals.
You’ll get instant access to these trainings in our exclusive Membership Area.  
Plus, you’ll get access to our Private Facebook Group where our community can support you in your efforts.
This is just the beginning. Master this and nothing will stop you! 
"I love Anna's Planner because it's simple, and it incorporates things you can easily do every day that make you feel better. Some of the items I've started doing that I wasn't doing before is drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning, doing stretches during my work day, herbal tea at night before I go to bed, and reading 10 min for personal development at night. I still refer to the planner just to remind myself of things to do or new steps I can incorporate. So glad I have this as a resource to living a better life, I honestly am"!

-Michelle Keene Wallenberg
One Time Payment of Just $37
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t absolutely love Anna’s Planner, for any reason, simply contact my support email ‘HelpMe (at) within 30 days and I’ll give you 100% of your money back.  Plus you can keep the training absolutely free.

That means there is absolutely no risk to you to try this training out.  It’s my hope you find this as transformational as all the other women who have enrolled.
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