Look & Feel Your Best With This Simple 7 Day Planner That Helps You 
Elevate Your Energy, Boost Your Metabolism 
& Stay Consistent With Your Fitness. 
  •  Do you find it hard to eat healthy food that tastes amazing but won't take hours to cook?
  •  Do you wish you had a personal trainer to hold you accountable and give you effective workout routines? 
  •  Are you often in a motivation rut, dragging yourself through the day? 
  •   Are you trying to be less self-critical but keep looking in the mirror thinking, "I'm never going to get there"?
You aren’t alone...the struggle to have what you want without having all the resources and money at your disposal can feel almost impossible.

But, before you resort to another quick fix diet that will make you feel deprived and closed off from your social life and family fun, try a simple plan created to help you feel world class without giving up delicious food, spending $100's on personal training and self sabotaging thoughts that make you feel unmotivated. 
Feeling World Class Is Easy...if you have a plan to go after it.
Most people don’t have a Lifestyle Planner; a daily ritual of habits that make them feel like a world class celeb. 

Well, this is going to get you moving in the right direction. 

Whether you pay attention to it or not, everyday, you are practicing small behaviors that build the foundation of your physical strength, mental stability and emotional health. 

If you are practicing consistent positive habits, you will thrive!

If you are practicing bad negative habits, your progress will be derailed and you will suffer a never ending circle of frustration. 

Kicking unhealthy habits to the curb it tough…that’s not what I’m asking you to do in this program. 

I’m asking you to put more focus and attention on the healthy habits that will make you feel awesome.

Don’t think of these next 7 Days as a complete makeover of any kind, it’s not. 

You DON’T have to eliminate every bad habit to start feeling better than you ever have. 

You DO have to add some excellent habits into your day AND do them consistently. 

Don’t have an ALL or NOTHING philosophy about health and fitness. 

Trying to kick every bad habit and add every good habit is close to impossible and sets you up for failure. Plus, it’s not reality either. 

In this program, you focus on adding the good habits first and by natural evolution, you’ll have less time and energy to spend on unhealthy habits. 

  • You don't have to be good at cooking or even like it! These are easy to Prepare Meals in under 20 minutes. 
  • Add delicious variety to your diet so you don't get flavor fatigue or get bored with your food choices.
  • Hand Picked Workout Routines taking the guess work out of what to do each day.
  • Avoid Burn Out by using Anna's "Stacking Method" 
  • Save time searching YouTube with your workouts a click away
STEP 3: THINK with Confidence
  • Lifetime Access to Members Area so you never forget what you learned.
  • BONUS training video's to get insider tips!
  • 7-Day PDF workbook for daily checklist makes it easy to follow
You’ll get instant access to the 7-Day Planner 
& Special Bonuses Immediately When You Enroll. 
  •  Lifetime Access to 7 Day Planner Members Area ($60 Value)
  •  Anna's 32 Sexy Plates Recipe Book ($25 value)
  •  7-Day Workout Calendar for Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced ($20 value)
  •  The Sexy Confident Life Private Facebook Community ($20 value)
  •  Bonus Training Videos ($20 value)
Total Value $145
This is just the beginning. Master this and nothing can stop you!   
"I love Anna's Planner because it's simple, and it incorporates things you can easily do every day that make you feel better. Some of the items I've started doing that I wasn't doing before is drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning, doing stretches during my work day, herbal tea at night before I go to bed, and reading 10 min for personal development at night. I still refer to the planner just to remind myself of things to do or new steps I can incorporate. So glad I have this as a resource to living a better life, I honestly am"!

-Michelle Keene Wallenberg
 New Member Special! 
Just $20
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you don’t absolutely love Anna’s Lifestyle Planner, for any reason, simply contact my support email ‘HelpMe (at) AnnaRenderer.com within 30 days and I’ll give you 100% of your money back. 

That means there is absolutely no risk to you to try this training out.  It’s my hope you find this as transformational as all the other women who have enrolled.
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