18 Safe & Effective Prenatal Exercises That Won’t Leave You Feeling Tired, Weak or Worried During Your First Pregnancy. 
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I didn’t “love” being pregnant like so many women talk about. 

I didn’t feel like exercising like so many fitness experts talk about.

I felt like the black sheep amongst my friends and peers. 

Everything felt harder: getting dressed, doing my hair, going to a restaurant, traveling, sleeping, intimacy, patience, work, showering, shaving, the list goes on.

Meanwhile I felt so grateful, so blessed.

I was so excited to meet Lucca and I was embracing all the ups and downs because that is the woman I want to be.

Luckily I had something that most women in my situation don’t, an extensive knowledge and background as an Exercise Physiologist. 

It helped me to design a fitness program for my pregnancy that didn’t feel exhausting but would keep me strong and healthy. 

Now I want to share some of that knowledge to help YOU! 
Is this your first pregnancy and you aren’t sure what exercises are appropriate for you?
If yes, you are not alone and I’m glad you found me. 
Read Below!
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It’s so important that you understand that exercise is good for you and your baby, but to an extent. 
You’ll want to keep your exercise intensity and duration very similar to what you were doing before your pregnancy. 

If you did not exercise at all before your pregnancy than be very cautious starting a fitness program while pregnant. 
  • Start very slow with short distance walking and light stretching and progress as comfortable. 
  • It’s best to work with a prenatal exercise specialist for best results.
If you exercised 3-5 days a week before pregnancy it’s safe to continue with your regular fitness routine as long as you feel good, hydrated and energized from these workouts. 
  • You should avoid exercises or workouts that are more intense than what you were doing before you got pregnant. 
  • Stick with a workout intensity that is similar to or less intense than what you are used to. 
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