A Special Workout Series For Women In Their 1st, 2nd or 3rd Trimester Of Pregnancy Who Want Safe, Effective Exercises They Can Do From Home To Stay Strong, Fit & Pain Free!  
I've created 7 unique workout video's geared to help you maintain strength and mobility while also avoiding common aches and pains that can sometimes drain your energy and joy during pregnancy.  My custom program design will guide you through the workout series so that you know exactly what workouts to do in order to get the most benefit and depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in! 
The Workouts & Benefits
Time: 35 Minutes

Equipment: Exercise band or light free weights

Strengthen the arms, legs, hips and back all in one for a total body burn!
Time: 30 Minutes 

Equipment: yoga mat

Stretches and yoga poses that improve mobility and strength throughout the entire body, helping prepare the body for birth.
Time: 40 minutes

Equipment: Exercise band or light free weights

Focus on the lower body and backside to maintain awesome posture and strength.
Time: 35 Minutes 

Equipment: Light & Medium size free weights

Focus on the arms, upper back and legs to stay pain free and toned in the body.
Time: 30 Minutes

Equipment: Yoga Mat

Strengthen and Lengthen the lower body, hips and back to infuse energy and blood flow through the body.
Time: 20 Minutes

Equipment: Foam Roller

Release tension in the major muscle groups of the body to eliminate aches and pains, tightness and improve blood flow.  
Time: 35 Minutes

Equipment: Mat

Lengthen all the important major muscle groups during pregnancy to stay pain free and prepare for labor. Feels so good!
You can download my suggested Workout Calendar using all 7 unique workouts. 

This is ideal for the average exercise enthusiast.

Additional recommendations are made for beginners or athletes inside the club. 
Plus, You Get Exclusive Access To Anna's Vault of Healthy Recipes, Confidence Coaching and Support To Grow a STRONG Body, Healthy Baby and Positive Mindset Through Pregnancy and Motherhood!
Hey Sexy Confident Mama! 

I'm giving you a huge virtual hug and high five for checking out my Prenatal Fitness Program inside my exclusive Creator's Club. 

This club is about living a healthy, positive, fulfilling life whether you are trying to conceive, pregnant or just starting your fitness journey. 

The club will help you elevate your strength, health habits and confidence during pregnancy and as you heal after birth.  

I believe that workouts are just 1 component of feeling your best and just 1 tool for living a sexy confident lifestyle as a mama to be. 

That's why I created an entire vault of my best fitness, nutrition and confidence coaching for women who want the recipe for long term success and not just a quick fix that leaves you hanging after baby is born.

Pregnancy has been the ultimate test of my character when it comes to self- acceptance, patience, energy management and more...

I know that you will love the support and resources provided to you inside the club in addition to the workouts and recovery routines. 

You will appreciate having more than just a sweat session to keep the confidence in yourself and feel fulfilled in your life. 

Sustained motivation comes from being in the right environment and having the best influence around you. 

Let's rock this journey together! 

So Much Value Inside The Club: 
  • Customized Prenatal Fitness Workouts & Calendar ($67 Value) 
  • Beginner and Advanced Workout Calendars ($75 value)
  • Healthy Recipes, Meal Plans & Cooking Video's ($100 value)
  • Monthly Motivation & Confidence Training Videos  ($100 value)
Ongoing Benefits INSIDE The Club
  • Coaching Videos - to keep you mentally and physically on your A-Game!
  • Unlimited private access to Anna - Ask questions and discuss hot topics related to your biggest concerns and Anna will guide you toward success. 
  • Post Natal Workouts - helping you ease back into fitness without getting hurt and to keep your fitness routine fun and fresh after baby!
  • FREE Enrollment to Challenges - no fee to join monthly fitness challenges so you stay accountable and enjoy a supportive community of awesome women! 
  • and so much more...
Ready To Get The Total Coaching Experience?
100% Money Back Guarantee!

We know that you'll only feel comfortable enrolling if you trust us.  That's why we offer a no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  

That means you have 30 days to try the training out.  

If you don't absolutely love it, just send us an email at and we'll give you a full refund.

So decide now if you feel this exclusive training will give you the insights you need to feel your best.

We guarantee you'll absolutely love it!

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