The 90 Day "BULLETPROOF STRENGTH" Challenge For Working Moms Who Need A Low Impact Fitness Program That Compliments Their Life With Quick Doses of Energy & Strength! 

Begin your journey today and bring back the strength, energy and fitness you had before kids!

The "Bulletproof Strength" Transformation

When you join the club, you immediately begin the BULLETPROOF STRENGTH Workout Series, created for someone just getting started or getting back into a fitness routine! 

Consists of 8 Essential Video's

Designed to help women: 

  • Regain strength after having babies
  • Feel energized from a workout vs. exhausted
  • Develop a consistent routine that won't burn you out but helps you lose weight. 
  • Lengthen and release tension so you feel pain free and less achy. 
  • Get personal training from the phone or computer!

Are you getting back into a healthy routine or at least thinking about it? 

Let me be your coach for the next 90 Days AND beyond to become unbreakable. 

In your first 90 Days, you'll take your first journey to feeling like your renewed self.
After I had my son Lucca, I found myself struggling to find a workout program that fit my needs as I tried to get myself back into a routine. 

All the programs I enjoyed before pregnancy would wipe me out. ⠀

Who loves feeling exhausted? Exactly! Nobody. 

So on my quest to feel my best, I created a completely original workout series called "BULLETPROOF STRENGTH" that energized my body and brought me back to life. 

This fitness program combined with my Sexy Foods and High Performance health habits will completely transform your body and mind in the first 90 Days of your membership!
Maybe you stay and continue your journey with ALL THE CLUB has to offer or you move on...either way, let me help you get this party started!
I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your health and fitness journey!⠀



Focuses on mobility, joint integrity and total body strength so you don't always feel so tight and sore.

Helps to prevent injuries (like strains and pains) when it comes to lifting heavier and doing more intensive exercises. 


Important for CORE STRENGTH which is the ultimate stabilizer of the body. 

It will enhance your posture and core so that you feel strong from the inside out!

Lower Focus

Strengthening the lower body muscles without impact.

A full body workout with an emphasis on the largest muscles of the body (LEGS)! This creates a huge metabolic burn for the body.


A series of Foam Rolling Exercises that are essential for muscular health AND stress relief. 

Foam Rolling is a form of massage for your muscles so that you feel less aches and pains while recovering faster from workouts. 

Core Fusion

Focuses on the back, abdominals and glutes for beginners.

Essential exercises that build the foundation of our CORE strength and allows you to do more advanced exercises in the future without straining. 

Arms & Abs

A fun HIIT training workout that focuses on the upper body and core through a series of Tabata style intervals. 

I love a good burn like this that doesn't wipe you out but energizes your total body!


A series of stretches and "yoga-ish" moves to open the body from head to toe. 

This is an essential workout that will absolutely set you up for lifelong health while feeling pain free!

Total Impact 

Full body "athletic" workout for beginners!

You will begin to feel like an athlete with both strength, mobility and coordination as you get better with this workout. 

As a Club Member You'll Receive EVEN MORE  Customized Programs, Nutrition Resources and Workshops To Feel Your Best!


  • BULLETPROOF STRENGTH workout series ($297 Value)
  • Prenatal Fitness Workout Series ($197 Value)
  • Fat Furnace (7-Day Tune Up)          ($170 Value)
  • BOSU Workout Series        ($50 Value)
  • Tone Up in 20 ($35 Value)
  • 5 Steps To Lose The Bloat ($27 Value)
  •  Strong is Sexy Beginner Series ($97 Value)
  • Muscles & Metabolism ($35 Value)
  • Fat Burning Secrets Workshop ($47 Value)
  • Summer Sizzle Program     ($35 Value)
  • Tighter By 10 Training         ($25 Value)
  • Legs & Love Handles          ($35 Value)
  •  6 Secrets Of The Worlds Highest Achievers ($30 Value)
  • Crush The Sugar Cravings Method  ($27 Value)
  • Plateau Breakthrough          ($35 Value)
and many more....
  • Couch To 5 K Program
  •  Sexy Vacation Workout Guide
  •  Sexy Stomach Series
  •  Spring Incinerator Workout Program
  •  Stretch Library
  •  Foam Roller Training
  •  7 Day High Performance Habits  
  •  The Ultimate Staycation to Release Stress & Get Fit
  •  4 Ways to Handle Criticism (video training)
  •  How To Focus on Strengths Not Limitations (video training)
  •  3 Questions To Prepare For Success (video training)
  •  Master Your Communication (video training)
  •  Awareness Sparks Motivation (video training)
  •  Plan Your Dreams (video training)
  •  Develop Clarity In Self and Goals (video training)
Ready To Join The Club?
100% Money Back Guarantee!

We know that you'll only feel comfortable enrolling if you trust us.  That's why we offer a no questions asked 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  

That means you have 30 days to try the training out.  

If you don't absolutely love it, just send us an email at and we'll give you a full refund.

So decide now if you feel this exclusive training will give you the insights you need to feel your best.

We guarantee you'll absolutely love it!

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