2-Day Fitness Business Mentorship
The "FREE Fitness" Content Saturating YouTube Will Take Your Customers & Put You Out Of Business,
Unless You Break Free Of Old Traditional Business 
Strategies & Show Up Differently.
"Discover How To Build A Die Hard Following 
& Sell Your Programs Regardless Of The Competition"
"A FREE Online Course For Passionate Fitness Professionals Looking To Grow Online"
What Is The 2-Day Fitness Business Mentorship?
  •  A series of 10 short video's (5-10 minutes long) sharing Business Principles to expand and grow online.
  •  A Downloadable Worksheet to follow along with each Principle and personalize the action steps for your business.
  •  An opportunity to follow up with a virtual meeting to walk through your business blueprint.
How Do I Join & Get Started?
  •  First, watch the introduction video above to be sure this is the right mentorship and place for you. 
  •  Second, DOWNLOAD "The 10 Principles" Worksheet above to get a valuable tool for the mentorship.
  •  Third, check your email to get all the details and a URL link for access into the Vimify app where the mentorship is hosted. 
  •  Fourth, log into the Vimify app and training program each day to watch the short video's and complete the worksheet questions.
  •  Fifth, once the 2-Day Mentorship is over, schedule a virtual meeting to walk through your business blueprint (OPTIONAL BONUS for completing the course)
A Little Bit Of Background!
I've been talking to many studio owners, fitness trainers and online health coaches lately about FREE Fitness taking over.
It's crushing it.. .

POPSUGAR Fitness, Fitness Blender, Blogilates, etc.

People are getting FREE workouts every day and they are quality workouts. 

This is a massive threat to gym owners, personal trainers and online fitness coaches who are selling their workouts, programs, sessions and memberships. 

Why pay for fitness when they can get it free?

....and the funniest and most ironic thing about it is I'm to blame! 

I have actually cut my own customer base in half by giving POPSUGAR 100's of workouts to post for FREE on Youtube. 

Who knew! 

5 Years ago, I had no idea this would begin to hurt my business or the business of other fitness coaches. 

I thought that becoming the fitness expert on a show like POPSUGAR would be my golden ticket to success. 

But it's a double edged sword. 

Yes, having the exposure on POPSUGAR has gained me a lot of recognition and credibility. 

However, it makes it much harder to convince an audience "conditioned to get everything FREE" that my programs and products are worth paying for. 

So what does this have to do with you?


You can't build a fitness business today like you could 5 or 6 years ago.

If you do, you'll be frustrated and disappointed.

You have to use different strategies and tactics to build a loyal following and a customer base this is willing to pay for your products and programs. 

You have to operate like a Renegade!

I've invested $1000's of hours and $1000's of dollars to learn how to build a successful coaching business online...regardless of giving away 100's of workouts for FREE online.

I know the struggle of trying to build a successful brand and business but it's possible.

If I can do it, you can do it...and I want to help you.

The 2-Day Fitness Business Mentorship was created to help my fellow trainers, studio owners, coaches and fitness enthusiasts who want to avoid threat of FREE fitness online taking over. 

You can build that loyal brand and business online and I'm PUMPED to share some valuable principles to help you do it.

This might not be for everyone but that's ok. 

 It's definitely worth checking out and seeing if it's something that can help you grow moving forward.  
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