"The ONLY High Performance Coaching Program for Career Driven Moms Who Want to Excel In Both Career & Motherhood Without The Burn Out, Guilt or Stress That Will Steal 
Your Joy and Potential"
Are you a hard working, highly driven woman who feels a bit unclear on how to peacefully and joyfully play all your roles as mom, wife, leader, coach, entrepreneur, cook, housekeeper, and whatever other roles you've obtained over the years? 
Is the progress you've been making in your family and/or professional life moving so fast that you can feel the anxiety and overwhelm start to creep in over how it’s all going to work?
Maybe you are spinning your wheels about how to achieve the next level of fulfillment and success in your life, but aren't sure what that looks like or if your dream situation is even possible!
It can be exhausting and frustrating to find yourself at a cross road where you feel it’s time to make a decision, sacrifice parts of my career or parts of my dream motherhood experience. 

It looks different to everyone. 

It can be exhausting and frustrating. I know because I've been there. But I found a way to evolve and navigate my way through motherhood as a full time entrepreneur, wife, leader and coach.

I literally had to grow into the next best version of myself...

I had to dive back into years of fitness coaching, high performance coaching and business mentorship to create a formula that would take me BEYOND my current success and into a new phase of life.

A phase of life where I could be both a present and stress free mom while still pursuing my career goals. 

I'm ready to share this formula with YOU!
The Formula To Becoming A High Performance Mama?


You get clear on what you want in your life when it comes to work, relationships, finance, family time and self care...then we map out the steps to make it a reality. 


You eliminate any fatigue, bloat, excess weight and excuses that keep holding you back from feeling vibrant, sexy, energized and motivated to do your best work. 


You let go of fears, stress, negativity and self limiting beliefs that hold you back so that you can become the confident, organized, stress free role model that others want and need. 


You create powerful high performance skills and practices to help you continuously face the challenges and obstacles that will come your way. Your resilience and motivation will never be broken.

    You can only achieve the level of success that your body is physically capable of pursuing. 

    A tired, achy, weak or pain ridden body is going to hold you back from living a joyful life and fully engaging in the work and family activities you enjoy. 

    You are going to learn how to maximize your energy, strengthen from within and feel a new sense of aliveness once and for all. 

    Having command of your mental and emotional state of being is everything when it comes to enjoying and excelling in your life at the same time. It doesn't matter how much you achieve, if it causes you stress, overwhelm, bitterness or anxiety, it's not worth the trade. 

    They say, "Your attitude will dictate your altitude". You will  become the master of your mind.
    Being busy is not the goal when it comes to High Performance living, it's striving for productivity that will set your goals on fire. 

    You will learn the skills and practices of the highest performers when it comes to feeling organized, focused and productive in all you need to do. 


    It's not easy to be a positive and influential leader and role model in the family and work place unless you have put some real focus on developing those skills. 

    You will discover some of the best practices in the world for how to prepare, implement and succeed as an influential leader at work and at home.  


    Purpose comes in many shapes and sizes. One thing is for sure, there is no "piano of purpose" that will drop on your head and wake you up to the dream life you desire. 

    Purpose comes from intentional thought and action that allows you to feel alive and fulfilled everyday. 

    You will begin to live your life with meaningful purpose that can shift and evolve as you continue to grow and achieve your dreams. 

    The Support & Coaching You'll Receive
    • 12 Private Coaching Sessions with Anna: You will have 1 call a week, starting with sessions on Focal Points, Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity and Influence PLUS The 5 Pillars of High Performance; Physiology, Psychology, Productivity, Persuasion and Purpose. Calls can be recorded and sent to you for ongoing benefits.                                                                                           
    • 12 New High Performance Tools: Extra bonus resources to give you even further guidance and tools to instill different HP skills and habits you will learn about each week. These are yours to keep forever!                                                                                                                                                                               
    • Exclusive Members Area: Easy and convenient access to all past and present High Performance tools. Quick access via phone or computer. Get updates, announcements, ask questions or share comments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
    • Private HPC Community: Enjoy a supportive social environment where you can meet and connect with your High Performance Mamas. Be inspired by high level conversation, aspirations and ongoing engagement from Anna!   
    1 Payment (save $500)
    • 12 Private Coaching Calls
    • 12 High Performance Worksheets/Tools
    • Lifetime Access to Learning Portal
    • Skills & Practices that last a lifetime...
    • 12 Private Coaching Calls
    • 12 High Performance Worksheets/Tools
    • Lifetime Access To Learning Portal
    • Skills & Practices that last a lifetime...
    • The Mama Comeback Method ($497 Value) This 12 week coaching program is going to give you small doses of strength, energy and motivation to get your body back and thrive as a mom. It aligns perfectly with your High Performance coaching program. 
    • Mama Comeback Fit (Lifetime Access $197 Value) Anna's exclusive workout library for pre and post natal fitness, Beginner Training Programs for Newbies, Advanced Workout Calendars For Progression!
    • High Performance Success Kit ($45 Value) Receive some valuable assets for your new venture into the high performance life including Brendon's #1 Best Seller High Performance Habits and High Performance Planner.
    What Happens Once You Enroll?
    • You will get instant access to the High Performance Coaching Membership Area.
    • The first session will be scheduled immediately at your convenience.
    • You will be given BONUS PDF tools with every lesson to dive deeper into each topic.
    • You will be given access to all of your BONUS courses, including the Mama comeback Method and Mama Comeback Fit. 
    • You will begin to reach elevated levels of energy, courage, clarity, productivity and influence in your life.  
    Ready to join the World's Highest Achievers?
    30 Day Money Back Guarantee! 
    You can cancel your membership anytime without penalty. If you go through 30 days of coaching and do not feel satisfied with this program, I will happily refund your enrollment fee. Each and every session is a guarantee of your satisfaction or your money back! You have nothing to lose and a whole lot of success to gain. 
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