"Become One Of The World Highest Achievers 
and Reach Your Next Level Of Personal and Professional Mastery By
Elevating Your Clarity, Energy, Courage, Productivity & Influence In 
A 5-Day High Performance Mastery Course"
Begin Your Personal & Professional Mastery In Just 5 Days!
What You'll Discover In The Next 5 Days: 
  •  Day 1: Elevate Clarity - live into the best of who you are and the work you love to do
  •  Day 2: Maximize Energy - ways to increase your physical and mental stamina
  •  Day 3: Increase Courage - take more bold action in what you want
  •  Day 4: Maximize Productivity - get more done without being busier
  •  Day 5: Increase Levels of Influence - make a bigger impact and position your expertise
  • BONUS: Personal High Performance Assessment)
One of the greatest lessons of my life came from my husband, Vito La Fata. 

He said, "if you don't seek mentors who can teach you more than you already know, you won't reach your greatest potential". 

That's when I realized I was holding myself back.

I had no mentors and was not investing any time in learning from others.  

I worked really hard to earn the success I had in 2011 but I was on the verge of burn out, stressed, living pay check to pay check and desperate for a way to reach my dreams...

Those dreams felt so far away, almost impossible.

Have you ever felt that your dreams are so far from the situation you're currently in and you have no strategy for getting any closer to them?

That was me before I met Vito and before he took me to High Performance Academy with Brendon Burchard. 

Two years after that first High Performance Academy I had become a completely different person. 

I had a new perspective about life...
A new physical and mental energy that felt sustainable and untouchable...
I had clarity and passion about my career and relationship goals...
My happiness and success had reached monumental growth...

Have you ever felt so much joy and excitement to begin the day because everything about YOUR LIFE felt right?

I had the courage to live my truth and the clarity to pursue my dreams...

I decided to become one of the first Certified High Performance Coaches when it became available because I wanted to instill this level of coaching in the hearts of my students as well.

I hope I get the opportunity to work with you and share this life changing experience with you. 

Memories From Our LIVE High Performance Retreats!
When You Begin This Journey, You Never Know How Far You'll Go
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